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  • At HUSH our goal is to deliver on your corporate tenant fit out. This doesn’t mean we just deliver on creating the Cat B fit out you need as a corporate occupier, although that is a given. We also deliver the optimum solution which delivers on time, with professionalism and cost-effectively.

    When you choose HUSH for your corporate occupier tenant fit out you are choosing exceptionalism, without fuss. We are highly experienced in delivering corporate occupier tenant fit out project management across an immense spectrum of business sectors. We choose to do things differently, and it works.

    • Personalisation: We understand that each project is complex, with its own unique challenges. By listening to your requirements and combining it with our experience and expertise, we can deliver a corporate space which is both beautiful and functional in the exact way you need it to be.
    • Reliability: A common problem in project management is changing accountability. We take a different approach. You’ll have dedicated lead project managers who deliver a consistent and reliable service.
    • Integrity: We communicate with all parties effectively and honestly, in clear language. We know that collaboration leads to success and the cornerstone of collaboration is integrity.
    • Knowledge: Our own commercial awareness, expertise and knowledge enables us to facilitate your corporate tenant fit out in a straight-forward way. We access the expertise and specialists who can deliver technically.


    Why choose HUSH

    At HUSH we know that project management is not just about a project. It’s about collaboration and expertise rooted in efficiency and integrity. It is our experience across various sectors, focusing on bringing success to complexity, which means we deliver time and again.

    We have refined the HUSH approach precisely because it goes beyond the standard approach to project management. We deliver a personalised approach whereby you have dedicated lead members working on your project – this enables us to never miss a beat and truly understand your goals and expectations. We bring you reliability, cost-effectiveness and success.

    We deliver on deadlines. We deliver on trust. We deliver outstanding design and compliance. We deliver the optimum project management solution.

    With HUSH corporate tenant fit out you can expect:

    • Client-centred project management: Unlike with other project management firms we don’t expect you to fit a standard model of PM. Instead we work to understand your unique requirements and deliver the service that you specifically need without compromising functionality or compliance.
    • Unwavering approach to deadlines: Deadlines matter because they snowball. By smoothly ensuring a project adheres to deadlines, we prevent the out-of-control issues which are rife in project management.
    • Budget adherence: It is our determined goal to deliver solutions which work within budget without compromise to the overall project.
    • Simplicity: Complex projects needn’t get lost in their own complexity. We bring simplicity and clarity to how we work.
    • Outstanding design: Using mock-ups we ensure you can envisage your corporate branding in reality.
    • Straight-forward approach: We don’t complicate things. You’ll have a dedicated project management consultant and director working for you, who will know your project intimately.
    • Reassurance: At HUSH we are proud of our track record of success throughout many sectors with projects characterised by complexity.


    Corporate tenant fit out: What we do

    We work with clients to deliver their Cat B corporate tenant fit out on time, on budget, on brand.

    Cat B tenant fit out enables corporate occupiers to transform building space in to their unique working environment by making alterations and utilising furnishings.

    We work closely with tenants to choose and manage design teams who will achieve the look and functionality they need whilst adhering to compliance requirements.

    Find out more about our corporate tenant fit out process by calling +44 (0) 203 705 9700.

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