Contract Administration

The role of the contract administrator is to administer the terms of the selected form of contract for your construction project between you as the employer, and the preferred contractor. We work closely with you at the outset to agree on the most suitable procurement route and contract choice. This is informed by an assessment of the following:

  • Scope and complexity of works
  • Programme aspirations
  • Project costs
  • Sequence, methodology and logistics due to location
  • Third party timescales and permissions
  • Community/environmental management
  • Capability and experience of the design team
  • Maintaining programme and cost control
  • Market considerations
  • Understanding your position on risk
  • Input from your legal advisors

Once the procurement route and form of contract are agreed, we will administer the contract terms. Our responsibilities and obligations will depend on the contract chosen as each contract has its own unique set of demands especially where bespoke forms are prepared by your lawyers.

We are experienced in navigating the nuances of contractual clauses and we create clear and structured communication processes and project management processes which seek to maintain good relationships and foster collaboration between the contracting parties.

Whilst each contract will be different due the scale and complexity of construction projects, we remain objective and impartial throughout.