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  • HUSH construction project management for commercial clients brings together technical expertise, commercial awareness and effective delivery. Our commercial project managers are skilled in delivering complex construction projects across a broad range of sectors.

    Our experience allows us to add value through commercial construction PM. We scale complex challenges with minimal fuss, with the aim that your commercial project runs on time, on budget, and without stress.

    At all times you benefit from dedicated construction PM professionals with a named lead on your project. The unique HUSH approach ensures consistency, reliability and project success.

    The HUSH approach to commercial project management

    We offer a complete range of commercial construction project management services to ensure that our solution is tailored to your specific requirements.

    At HUSH we create and build relationships with our clients based on the values of trust, integrity and a professional approach. Construction needn’t be rife with complications, over-runs or overspends, no matter how complex the project.

    Our dedicated project team combine both flexibility and unwavering compromise with the aim to ensure your project meets expectations. Our experience and highly qualified construction PM professionals combine to ensure we can offer specialist knowledge across many sectors as well as the complete project lifecycle.

    As such, we have built an enviable reputation for success combined with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in commercial project management.

    Find out more and contact us on +44 (0) 203 705 9700. Browse some of our commercial project management successes below.

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    Users of the HUSH website can visit the site without revealing their identity or providing information about themselves. The Company collects information directly from users when they voluntarily submit their personal information to us. At certain parts of our website we may provide the opportunity for users to register to join a mailing list or request information.

    The Company will collect and store this data in accordance with the Principals of the Data Protection Act. We will only collect data that has been volunteered by users. The Company will keep it secure and up to date and only keep the data for as long as reasonably necessary. We will only use this data for the reason that was originally stated.

    Where users have opted in to receiving e-communications from the company, it will always give them a clear option to opt out at any time. The Company agrees to act upon such requests in an efficient manner and to stop such e-communications to those users immediately.

    The Company reserves the right to add to this list of opportunities available to our users to interact with us. It is completely up to users to provide us with their personal information.

    COVID-19 policy

    HUSH PM&C LTD (“HUSH”) recognize the exceptional times we are living due to the coronavirus [COVID-19] outbreak and has developed the following policy accordingly.

    This is in line with current government advice updated at 23rd March 2020

    This document explains how HUSH PM&C LTD works and operates as a business and which contingency and measures we have in place to ensure our project are delivered to the best of our available resources.

    1.0 HUSH’s View and Policy

    In order to deliver all our projects in our usual efficient manner, HUSH staff are divided into two teams: Administration and Projects.

    1.1 Admin Team

    Our Admin team is responsible for office running, accounts, marketing, finance and the day to day operations of the business.

    All our Administration team is fully operational and has been working remotely since Monday 16th March indefinitely. Please refer to our remote working information in section 2.1 for further details.

    1.2 Projects Team

    Our projects team is the largest division and includes job managers and support staff that delivers projects.

    Our Projects team is fully operational and has been working remotely since Thursday 19th March indefinitely.

    We are encouraging our clients to use video conferencing. Our team can join meetings via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and other platforms.

    All face to face events, meetings and workshops have been postponed or cancelled.

    All our staff are being instructed to not attend to any face to face meetings following the government advice on this.

    If you require a face to face meeting, please contact info@hushpmc.com discuss such requirements.

    All our staff are required to report if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, arrange testing if available or self-isolate.

    When our Projects team is required to carry out inspections this is the exception to the overall process during this time. As their role is directly related to the progress and quality of work on construction sites, they continue to perform inspections and other pertinent commitments to our clients.

    The team is being instructed to not meet face to face with any other member of the team to ensure continuity of service.

    To ensure their safety we have updated all our risks assessments taking in consideration the current situation and include the following measures

    -     Personal PPE is provided to each team member and is not to be shared with any other persons whom they encounter on site. We use only HUSH PM&C LTD PPE and do not make use of any site visitors PPE.

    -     Wash hands frequently and/or Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.

    -     Clean regularly contacted surfaces e.g. mobile phone, keyboard, desk etc. with antibacterial wipes.

    -     Maintain social distancing in accordance with government guidelines when on or travelling to site

    -     Avoid the use of public transport when travelling or travel out of peak hours if public transport cannot be avoided.

    -     Attend contractor’s briefing before going on site to ensure site specific working practices are adhered to.

    -     Leave site immediately if they have any concerns as the safety of the workplace or contravention of the agreed workplace practices relative to Covid-19.

    -     HUSH PM&C LTD are aware of the Build UK Site Operating Procedures (issued 23rd March 2020) and are encouraged to encourage Main Contractors to ensure their sites continue to operate in accordance with these guidelines.

    2.0 HUSH PM&C LTD Remote Working

    We have instructed to all our Admin team, Projects team and Operations team to work remotely, and avoid face to face contact with any team member in person unless strictly necessary. This will allow us continuity if any member of our team becomes ill and unable to fulfil their role temporarily.

    We update our staff on a twice weekly basis with updates to all relevant government guidance.

    2.1 Remote Working

    From the formation of the company, HUSH PM&C LTD has always encouraged a flexible working approach and created its infrastructure around these values.

    Everyone at HUSH PM&C LTD has always the option to work from the office, home or any other location, provided they have reliable internet connection.

    All our staff, sub-consultants and contractors have been issued with a company laptop with all necessary fully licensed software.

    Our basic package includes:

    -     Office 365 [word, excel, MS teams, project, one note, etc.].

    -     Adobe Acrobat.

    -     Dropbox.

    -     M-files.

    2.2 How do we communicate with our team.

    All internal communications are done via email, telephone or MS Teams.

    This allow us to keep in touch with each individual team member, and continuously respond in real time.

    As a team we have implemented bi-weekly team catch up’s where the whole team comes together. This encourages a sense of community and support, which is important to the wellbeing of all involved particularly those in isolation.

    2.3 Internal access to the HUSH network

    HUSH PM&C LTD operates on a secure cloud-based filing system called M-files which we have been operating since the business started and enables staff to be able to access all documents and files at any time. Each document is document controlled via M-files.

    All HUSH PM&C LTD equipment (laptops, phones and tablets, etc.) have secure access to the company Dropbox (Cloud based file storage) and communications system.

    2.4 Remote IT support

    Our company IT support is outsourced, our systems are servers are held off site and secure.

    We have additional equipment available to courier to anyone in the team, it not possible to resolve remotely.

    3.0 Business as Usual

    We have created an emergency response team with all our Managers and Directors to coordinate urgent decision making and all communications.

    Following government advice, our offices are now closed and will remain so until it is advised that we can return to our regular working environment.

    HUSH PM&C LTD has set a strong foundation in procedures to support working remotely. The social distancing measures will not affect the company’s ability to continue regular operations of the business.

    Should there be new information, we will update this policy to reflect any changes.

    4.0 Contact us

    Our land lines [Mainline +44 (0) 203 705 9700] and direct lines have all been redirected to the team’s mobiles phones and is fully operational.

    All post is being redirected on a weekly basis from our London office.

    Direct email remains the most efficient method of communication for external parties to contact the team.

    For any general queries, email us at info@hushpmc.com which is consistently monitored.