Smart Buildings After Lockdown

As Covid-19 vaccinations continue apace and the UK government has published plans to ease the country out of lockdown into a post-pandemic world, organisations and property developers are actively looking at ways to increase the use of smart building technology. Additionally, the desire to reduce energy consumption, work towards net zero targets and keep their […]

HUSH– Commercial Property Landscape in 2021

Last year, everything changed. The way you work, how you socialise, holiday and meet loved ones, all changed overnight and, according to the doomsayers, life will never be the same again. We’re not so sure. Working from home has, for some, been a positive experience that saw their productivity soar. They loved not having to […]

The Audley – October 2020

The Audley – October 2020 | Construction project management consultancy London The original building in Mount Street was licensed in 1730 as the Bricklayers Arms and features as part of its construction red glazed bricks and pink terracotta. Thomas Verity, who was responsible for the design and construction of the pavilion at Lord’s Cricket ground […]

HUSH PM&C – Proud to be a part of The Hickman, Whitechapel

Watch the film, it speaks 1,000 words – Project Management Consultancy London Formally the home of Buck & Hickman, a quality tool maker established in 1830 and the UK’s first major tool manufacturer, The Hickman is designed to make its occupant’s working life easier. Owned by Great Portland Estates plc, the building will provide 78,000 […]

Covid-19 and HUSH at Home Services

Construction Consultancy London

The disruption that Coronavirus is causing globally is significantly impacting individuals and businesses alike. During these unprecedented times, we wanted to get in touch to let you know we are still here, working and available to help with anything you need. We shall continue to offer an uninterrupted service to the best of our ability, […]

Why Soft Landings matter: closing the gap between predicted and actual building performance

Construction Consultancy London

Why do soft landings matter? The predicted and actual building performance Soft Landings is the framework which guides decisions throughout a construction project with the aim of ensuring that the final building closely meets the requirements of the end-user. It’s the process of determining the operational outcome of the project is as close as possible […]


Construction Consultancy London

Why many challenges faced by Approved Inspectors affect your project? What can you do about it? Recently a spokesperson for the Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors (ACAI) stated: “Statutory regulations on professional indemnity and public liability insurance are currently excessively stringent, meaning many insurers are unwilling to provide cover for inspectors. This is creating a […]


Construction Consultancy London

Insightful Snagging Snagging is simply the way of uncovering and recording problems as they occur throughout a construction project’s journey. The concept is to catch and flag the small problems as they occur so that they can be more easily and swiftly rectified. The ultimate outcome is that the finished project will more accurately meet […]



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